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  Welcome to Roshneye Workshops

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Roshneye Spiritual Workshops are designed for those people who wish to improve their life.

People look to Roshneye for support and guidance when life's challenges simply become overbearing.

Examples of common challenges many of our friends have experienced, deal with:

  • Relationships

  • Health

  • Finances

  • Spirituality

  • Inner peace

  • Purpose

  • General Happiness

...just to name a few

Roshneye Spiritual Workshops are specifically conducted to guide you in resolving your inner conflicts.  During each Workshop, you will be introduced to life altering solutions based on meditations, spiritual baths, and breathing exercises.

Roshneye conducts their workshops on the sands of the various beaches in USA.  A 3 day interactive workshop.  

Sahiba Ji has created Roshneye for those seeking a direct path to freedom through gaining spiritual powers. 

Share in her experience, while taking the steps to connect to your inner power and higher self.


 Once you decide to take this journey, you will be scheduled as part of a small group of students.


The workshops involve intense personal instruction in the techniques required to remove blockages from your energy field and setting you free.

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