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 Sahiba Ji is a spiritual teacher.  She was born and raised in Pakistan.  Growing up in a strictly traditional home, an environment not nurturing to young women, Sahiba Ji was rebellious in her pursuit of an education.

Ultimately, emigrating to the United States and receiving a degree from George Washington University, she quickly developed an overwhelming desire to be part of nature.

 Connecting with nature through intense meditation, is one of her deepest passions. Having traveled and studied mysticism, and 3rd eye Chakra from the Himalayas to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Sahiba Ji has found her purpose for existence. She found her gift of guiding and helping others gain the wisdom needed to understand the answer to the deeper questions such as, "Who Am I."

Emily began her spiritual path in her teenage years with the intention and desire to be in the ministry, but over time she realized that her connection to God was better described as a connection to the Universe.  Through experience, study, and meeting the "right" people she eventually found herself understanding her ability to bring comfort, healing and support to those around her.  She received her Reiki Masters and also began teaching and painting Mandalas.  Through these healing practices, Emily helps each person to connect to their Inner Light. She helps you to identify emotional blocks and to clarify your life's purpose.