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About our Workshops

              Welcome to Roshneye Spiritual Workshops

Do any of these experiences sound like you?

  • Suffering from lack of Inner peace and Inner Joy

  • Difficulty controlling emotions (such as anger, sadness, fear etc..)

  • Persistent health issues seem to hold you back from life

  • Each attempt at a relationship fails to fulfill your expectations

  • You struggle to achieve financial goals

This workshop is designed for people who feel like they are stuck. 

This occurs when we have certain blockages in our system (energy field). It is these blockages that the team at Roshneye will guide you to remove

REVIEW OF DAYS EVENTS: Overview of the five sessions, their purpose, goals and expected personal results

FIRST SESSION:    Spiritual Baths

A Powerful ancient practice that is used to wash yourself from within where you get a purification at a much deeper level. The person taking the spiritual bath will feel a certain release at the end of the bath because something that was attached to them has been lifted.

SECOND SESSION:     Breathing Exercises

These exercises are specifically designed to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and grief. 

THIRD SESSION:       Introduction To Mantra Chanting

Mantras are preparatory step. Repeating a mantra over and over again allows us to tap into our deeper selves and gain mastery over our minds. 

FOURTH SESSION:     Tapping Technique

 Stimulation of certain acupressure points help release stuck emotions and phobias.

FIFTH SESSION:        Walking Meditation

Through walking meditation techniques, you will become connected with divine. Those who struggle with sitting meditation can quite their mind this way. There is something about walking in a circle, you dive into the meditative place that feels like magic. 

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